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Why Braces?

June 6, 2015

Why Put On Braces with us?

Braces are placed to help you achieve straighter teeth, an improved bite , and a great smile!

At Neo Smiles, we understand how important it is to achieve that smile. That smile that will light up any room.

Many people do not like to smile,or are very conscious of how they smile due to various factors such as crooked teeth, teeth that jut out, gaps in teeth etc.
Do you try to hide your mouth with your hands when you laugh out loud?

We sure hope not, because you do not have to, and we can help you.

We have seen how our patients change after braces treatment, how they have become so much more sociable, outspoken, and confident of themselves. Needless to say, we are just so so happy for them, and simply just honoured that we can help our patients achieve that.

This gives us the passion to continue to do our very best to help you get the smile you want. We feel very strongly about this and we sincerely hope you choose us.

But I’m Afraid Of The Pain

Who likes pain? Unfortunately, some discomfort may be inevitable. This happens when your teeth are moving away from a crooked position, some “soreness” may be felt.

The degree of discomfort varies as everyone has different pain thresholds. Some might not even feel anything!

However, the good news is that everyone will actually get used to it. And by your next appointment with us, you would already have seen some improvement in your teeth!

If you ask us, we say it’s all worth it!

What About Cleaning?

Cleaning your teeth with braces on is simple. And there are many tools to help you as well. Our friendly nurses will teach you how to clean after initial placement of braces. By the way, putting on braces doesn’t make you any different from other people as well! You can and should definitely go for regular scaling appointments to get rid of the accumulated hardened tartar deposits on your teeth!

And Food?

It is best to avoid eating hard food like crunching on apples with your front teeth and biting on ice cubes! This is to protect your braces from breaking.

Initially, your teeth may feel sore , so you may be able to manage only softer diet like porridge, eggs and fish. Once you get used to your braces, go ahead to eat normally. Braces are meant to be fun and happy, so please do not compromise your lifestyle just because you have braces.

I hate the metal look

Nowadays, there’s really no age limit to putting on braces. We are seeing more and more adults putting on braces and to be honest..why not? It’s never too late to improve your smile after all.

Of course, we understand that metal braces may not be to everyone’s liking, especially when one is involved in the service line. In such situations, metal braces may not be suitable for you.

Thank goodness we have other alternatives. Ceramic braces offer the same predictability as metal braces and are much less obvious. Many adults with us choose ceramic braces for that reason.

Otherwise, clear aligners are very popular nowadays too. They offer much convenience and superior aesthetics compared to traditional braces.

Tell me more about clear aligners!

Clear aligners like Invisalign are custom-made trays designed to fit over your teeth and move them.

Every two weeks, you are required to change to a new set of aligners which will incorporate new changes in the movement of the teeth. This will go on until we attain the desired bite and alignment.

They are removable and that means you can enjoy your food braces-free and clean your teeth more effectively. An important event coming up? No worries, just remove the aligners for that few hours, or wear them still as they are almost invisible!

Clear aligners are not suitable for all cases though, so do come by and let us advise you on which is the best option for you.

So why don’t you book an appointment with us today to see how you can get that perfect smile?

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