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Travelling tips for our braces patients

August  28, 2018

Recently I had this patient planning for a climb at Mount Kilimanjaro. She was worried about keeping up with the 20-22 hours/day (almost full time wear) of her Invisalign aligners, and also the possibility of losing them during the tough climb. The good news is that aligners really have a minimal compromise on one’s lifestyle, if any at all! Although I must add, I love my patients for being so self-motivated in their braces journey with me, even when they are having fun travelling and doing things that they love.

Anyway, I got inspired by her to come up with this blog post to help our patients manage their braces and aligners better even when they are far away from home and Neo Smiles 🙂 Here are some tips for the traveller in you!

Inform your doctor!

This is especially so if you are travelling for longer periods of times. Sometimes my patients have to be away for a few months due to work or studies. On a case by case basis, I do give specific instructions for my patients to follow through and teach them how to monitor their own braces/aligners. In that way, there will still be progress in your treatment even while you are away.

For patients wearing aligners, informing the doctor is a real must! This is so that we can issue you the needed number of aligners to last you for your trip.

Pack an oral health kit

If you are having braces on, do get dental wax from us before you go on that holiday! Although all my braces patients know that they will eventually get used to all the ”metal and wires” in the mouth, sometimes we do need abit of quick relief just in case of any emergencies. So, prepare ahead and get that dental wax from us to help relieve any discomfort from any poking wires 🙂

Do not forget to pack your toothbrush, floss, and interdental brush! The interdental brush is a life savior for removing any food that can get stuck in your braces while you are on the go. Brushing with water alone is still better than not brushing at all to remove food debris. Of course, once you reach your destination, it is important to get a thorough clean up.

Eat correctly

Enjoy sweet and sugary splurges if you have to, but try to rinse after to reduce the pH load in your mouth. For patients with fixed braces on, it might be wise to avoid hard foods to prevent any emergencies from breaking your braces.

Patients with aligners have no real issues with eating, but do not forget to place your aligners in their proper casing each time you have a snack! A gentle reminder not to wrap your aligners with tissue on the go as you might really lose them unknowingly.

Plan your visit well

Seasoned patients will know, the initial soreness associated with the tightening of braces usually lasts only for the first few days to a week. You may want to schedule your dental appointment with us one week before you go for your holiday to enjoy all the good food overseas.

Have a good trip guys!

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