19 January 2024

self ligating braces

Are you feeling self-conscious about how your teeth look? Do you aspire to achieve a beautiful and confident smile? If so, braces might just be the treatment for you. But gone are the days when traditional braces were your only option. Today, with the evolution of orthodontic treatments and technology, there are a plethora of options to attain the smile you have been yearning for. 

Come with us as we explore traditional and self-ligating braces and their benefits so that you can pick the perfect option for you.


Traditional braces comprise metal brackets that are glued to the surface of the teeth. These braces have wires (archwire) that are threaded through each bracket and held in place with tight elastic ties or metal clips. They work by applying mild pressure to the teeth, shifting them slowly into the correct position over a period of time.

Top Five Benefits of Traditional Braces

  1. Strong and Durable: Typically made from durable materials, these braces are quite sturdy and can withstand the test of time. Their durability allows individuals to lead an active lifestyle without having to worry too much about breakage.
  2. Appropriate for All Ages: Many believe that braces are just for kids and teenagers. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as they can be used at any age, even if patients are in their 70s or older.
  3. Suitable for Complex Issues: Not only are traditional braces effective in straightening teeth, but they can also be used to correct more serious alignment problems.
  4. Prevents Excessive Wear: In certain cases, your teeth may experience excessive wear and damage due to misalignments or bite problems. Traditional braces can help you mitigate this by distributing the biting forces evenly, minimising tooth damage and preserving its structural integrity.
  5. Cost-Effective: If you are in search of affordable braces in Singapore, this tried and tested treatment might just be the right treatment for you. 

Unlike traditional braces, self-ligating braces do not use any metal clips or elastic ties but are equipped with a built-in mechanism to hold the archwire. The brackets on these self-ligating braces move the teeth into the desired position by maintaining pressure on the arch wire.

Top Five Benefits of Self-Ligating Braces

  1. More Comfort: The absence of metal or elastic ligatures offers a friction-free treatment that makes it more comfortable to wear. These braces are also gentler on your teeth.
  2. Enhanced Aesthetics: Self-ligating braces are available in clear and tooth-coloured options, making them an appealing option as they are discreet.
  3. Easy Maintenance: Designed for low maintenance, they come with fewer parts to clean, reducing the risk of plaque buildup and other dental issues.
  4. Fewer Appointments: When compared to traditional braces, self-ligating braces require fewer adjustments and ligature changes, reducing the need for frequent consultations.
  5. Suitable for a Variety of Dental Concerns: Self-ligating braces are effective in treating a variety of orthodontic problems, including simple to complex dental misalignments, gap issues, crowded teeth, and other concerns.


There are different types of self-ligating braces, which are classified according to how they work and the materials they are made from. Self-ligating brackets can be categorised into two types: active and passive. Active brackets use a mechanism that involves a sliding-and-spring clip, which presses against the archwire applying an active force. Passive brackets, on the other hand, use a simpler sliding mechanism, but they do not press against the arch wire, allowing them to move with more freedom, resulting in enhanced comfort and less friction.

Several brands of self-ligating braces are available in the market, including Damon, TOMY, and SmartClip braces. With a passive slide mechanism that reduces friction and enhances patient comfort, the Damon System stands tall as one of Singapore’s most popular self-ligating brands, providing both clear and metal braces. The metal self-ligating braces (stainless steel) of the Damon System are referred to as Damon Q, while the ones made of ceramic (tooth-coloured or transparent) are known as Damon Clear. Designed with innovative technology that encompasses the finer features of traditional braces and invisible aligners, it ensures a smile that goes beyond just straightening your teeth. The result? A fuller smile with a more proportionate facial profile. 

At Neo Smiles Dental Studio, Damon Braces are sought after by many of our clients, with a significant take-up over traditional braces due to their numerous benefits. Here’s why Damon Braces might be the perfect solution for you:

Benefits of Using Damon Braces

  • Enhances the overall appearance
  • Can create an appealing broad-arch smile
  • Produces a natural and enhanced smile arc
  • Produces upright teeth in the correct position
  • Reduces the appearance of dark triangles at the corner of the mouth
  • Treats the ‘gummy smile’ look


At Neo Smiles, we believe everyone deserves to have a healthy and beautiful smile that can light up a room. In light of this, we provide a myriad of dental solutions, including traditional braces, Invisalign aligners, self-ligating braces like Damon and Damon Clear, and other treatments to help you get the smile of your dreams. Whether you need guidance to make the right call or would like more information on our dental braces in Singapore, we can guide you on the right path to dental perfection.

Embark on a journey to achieving a beautiful smile with Neo Smiles Dental Studio. Reach out to us and schedule your appointment now!

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