The affordable alternatives to braces

Economically Priced
MBrace is an economically priced clear aligners solutions catered for young families and professionals seeking a perfect smile. Learn about our MBrace installment plans.
Digitally Customised Treatment Plans
Each MBrace treatment is customised to your needs, with a digital treatment video to help you understand how your teeth will adjust to reach perfection.
High Levels of Comfort & Effectiveness
MBrace aligners are removable; this means you can take them off for meals and brushing.
Made in Singapore
Locally produced means that you can be assured of the best quality & responsiveness of the aligners.

Who is it suitable for?

Crowding teeth
Overcrowding is caused by insufficient spacing between teeth, resulting in overlapping teeth.

This will lead to difficulty in brushing or/and flossing, resulting in decay & gum problems.

Gaps between teeth
Gaps happen when certain teeth are smaller than the available space within your jaw.

Beyond aesthetics, which will lead to lack of confidence, gaps also affect the effectiveness of chewing.

Excessive Overjet
Excessive overjet is when the top teeth overlap the lower teeth. Overjet teeth are more prone to injury, and often leads to poor bite of the back teeth.

This is often caused by bad oral habits such as tongue thrusting and thumb sucking started from young.

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