Introductory Braces Consultation

April 19, 2015

Neo Smiles was founded so that more people can enjoy better smiles at affordable prices, with top-of-the-line specialist treatment.  Located in the heartland of Bedok Town Centre, getting specialist braces treatment is now affordable, convenience, and enjoyable.

To allow more people to enjoy a fuss-free beautiful smile, Neo Smiles offers a specialist braces consultation.  The consultation will help you understand the improvement you will have with braces treatment, the difference between a specialist versus general dentist treatment, the wide variety of treatment types available, and the affordable prices for dental treatment.

Call 6481-0800 today to book your  braces consultation today!

Here are several myths and questions often asked by patients considering orthodontic treat.

1.  Am I too old for Braces?

For those who think they are too old, these days, 20 – 25% or more orthodontic patients are adults, and more than half of those are women.  There are now a variety of orthodontic treatments designed specially for adult patients.

2.  Why an Orthodontist over a family dentist?

Orthodontists go through several additional years of training to be able to have necessary knowledge, skills and expertise to diagnose and treat an orthodontic problem correctly.  Family dentists may not have the experience required to diagnose anything more than the simplest of cases.

3.  Braces are ugly, and is embarrassing in business settings

That may be true in the past, but these days, with ceramic brackets, Damon Clear, and clear aligners like Invisalign, braces are now nearly invisible and can be worn in all business settings without affecting your appearance or your speech.

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