ICON Infiltration Treatment

Neo Smiles provides ICON Infiltration Therapy, a non-invasive approach used to treat teeth stains and improve the appearance of teeth.

ICON infiltration therapy treats internal stains in a non-damaging way. Such stains or discolourations on teeth can be spots or bands on the smooth surface of the tooth. The white spots can be due to several factors:
* Fluorosis caused by excessive fluoride use, especially when young
* Caries that did not progress into a cavity but ends up as a brown spot
* Braces treatment, where after removal of the braces there are stains due to poor dental hygiene and decay
* Enamel development defect caused by trauma or infection of primary teeth when the permanent tooth was developing


Icon allows us to remove these stains by whitening and infiltration therapy that blends white spots with the rest of the tooth surface

There is no drilling or injections necessary, and icon treatment can be completed in a single session.

Treatment Process:
1) The tooth is cleaned and prepared with etching gel to create porosity at the surface layer.
2) A liquid resin known as ICON is flowed into the porous enamel (outer tooth structure).
3) The resin is set with light.
4) We polish the ICON infiltrate (resin) that fills the discoloured spots.


To learn more, or to remove those stains and discolouration, contact us about ICON today.


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