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I want braces! But not extractions! Do I need to extract my teeth?

July  3, 2015

The good news is that not everyone requires extractions to have a nice straight set of teeth.

The other good news is that even if you do require extractions, generally, it’s a small part of your braces journey. Your journey with us to help you look your best.

If you are wondering anyway, here are some reasons as to why you might need extractions.

Most commonly, extractions may be needed if you complain that you have crowded teeth. The degree and type of crowding will be different for everyone. In severe cases, the entire tooth/teeth can be totally blocked out of the arch. In such situations, whereby there is insufficient space in the dental arch, we may need to extract teeth to create the space needed to straighten your teeth.

If you find that your teeth are sticking out, you might need extractions as well. Upper front teeth that jut out often need extractions to create the space needed for us to bring them back in. This would help to improve your facial profile and lip competence. At the same time, by bringing these teeth back in, they are also less prone to traumatic injuries from sports or accidents.

Other reasons why we might indicate extractions for you could include bite correction, midline correction and improvement of your soft tissue profile.

The decision-making process on whether you need extractions and what teeth to extract can be quite complex and may be different for everyone.

In general, the bite, midlines, amount of crowding, position of the jaws and teeth, future growth potential, sizes of the teeth, soft tissue/profile, health/condition of teeth and other factors will be studied during this process. Sounds really complicated?

Rest assured, during your appointment with us at Neo Smiles, we will gather all the information needed, discuss on your particular needs and explain the best treatment plan for your case. Extractions or not, you can trust that we have the right expertise, training and experience to give you the winning smile you always wanted- and more.

To find out more, call us at 6481-0800 and start your amazing smile today!

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