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1. Braces 

Neo Smiles is a premier dental and orthodontic boutique, providing first-class braces treatment, including Bracket Systems such as Metal and Ceramic Braces, Damon Braces, and Invisalign Clear Aligners.


Metal Braces

Ceramic Braces

Clear Aligners

Beyond specialist orthodontic treatment, Neo Smiles also provides general dentistry services. With our experienced team of dentist professionals, we provide a full suite of dental services for the young and the young-at-heart, all in the heart of Bedok Central.


2. General Dentistry

1. Scaling & Polishing. Coming to us for your scaling and polishing appointment every 6 months will allow us to do frequent review on your oral hygiene as well as help to clean your plaque build-up, tartar and stains. We use a slow speed rubber cup and polishing paste.

In addition to scaling & polishing, we offer fluoride Treatment. This treatment can help you fight off decay depending on the state of your teeth. Talk to our friendly dentists today to learn more.

2. Stain removal. Stains can be caused by many factors – from drinking coffee to eating foods with strong colouring.

We offer air-flow treatment, where a mixture of air, water and prophylaxis powder helps to throughly clean the teeth. The powder is sodium carbonate, which is effective while being gentle. It is alkaline, which help prevent tooth decay and the osmotic effect help to treat inflamed gums. This is the most cost effective treatment for our patients.

3.  Teeth Whitening. Tooth whitening is a procedure to lighten the colour of your teeth and helps to remove stains & discoloration. This may be caused due to daily intake of food/drinks such as coffee or tea, tobacco, poor dental hygiene, advancing age, disease, medication. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures as it greatly improves the outlook of your teeth.

Read our blogpost on teeth whitening for more information!

teeth whitening

4. Protective Mouthguard. For both sports as well as for teeth grinding, a mouthguard can increase the lifespan of your teeth.

5. Crowns, Veneers and Bridges. A crown is like a cap over your teeth, typically used after a root canal treatment. A veneer is a resin/porcelain cover bonded over your natural teeth to change the way they look. A bridge is two crowns with an artificial teeth in the middle to ‘fill in’ the missing teeth you have so that you can be more confident in your smile.

6. Fillings. If you have tooth decay, the dentist will drill away the decay and use fillings to patch up the hole and restore your teeth to it’s original shape. If you have a cracked tooth, the fillings can also be used to fill up the gaps in your teeth to prevent decay. We offer both composite (tooth-coloured) and silver fillings.

7. Root Canal Treatment. If our dentist determines that the innermost part of your teeth (the area around the nerves) have been damaged and you would need to undergo root canal treatment, be assured that our dentists will provide the most comprehensive treatment for you.

8. Dental Implants. Implants are dental devices used to replace the roots of missing teeth, and consist of a small titanium screw placed in the jawbone via surgery. After the implant is in place, the replacement tooth/teeth (e.g. crown, bridge or denture) will be placed over the implant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Wisdom Teeth Surgery?

It varies from person to person.

Your wisdom teeth are the third molar at the back of your mouth and usually appear when you are between 17 and 25 years old. If misaligned (i.e. impacted) the teeth would need to be extracted as food may be stuck, which leads to decay. For wisdom teeth that is 'stuck' at an angle, surgery may be required.

Often, dentists would require an X-ray in order to advise on the best treatment plan for you. Do book a visit at Neo Smiles Dental Studio so that our dentists can do a review as well as help you prevent any decay a misaligned wisdom teeth can cause.

Extraction of misaligned wisdom teeth is a preventive measure that will save you from costly and dramatic interventions such as root canal treatment in the future, so do not underestimate the importance of checking on the state of your wisdom teeth.

Is Scaling and Polishing necessary?

Yes. Scaling and Polishing helps to remove the tartar near and around the gums as well as areas that a toothbrush is unable to reach. Frequent cleaning (i.e. twice a year) is a preventive measure that will save you from costly and dramatic interventions such as root canal treatment in the future, so do not underestimate the importance of a short 30 minute visit every 6 months.

If you have not been committing to frequent visits, do not worry, now is the best time to start with Neo Smiles Dental Studios. Just drop us a call/ Whatsapp. We look forward to seeing you!

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