Caring for your Child’s Teeth

March 13, 2023

Not sure what to do about your child’s teeth? Fret not, you are most likely not alone. Here are some common questions that parents usually have for us regarding their child.

1. When should my child see the dentist?

Seeing the dentist can be a terrifying experience even for an adult, much less a child.  Your child’s confidence in seeing the dentist can be built by starting early.  Once you start to notice a tooth growing in your child’s mouth, he or she is ready to start their journey to see the dentist!  Thereafter, do cultivate a good habit and routine of seeing the dentist regularly for your child.

2. Who should I bring my child to?

At Neo Smiles, our dentists are all trained and ready to treat children, especially for their very first dental visit.  It is essential to ensure their first dental visit is not a bad experience, so we always recommend to bring your child in early, before he or she starts to feel any pain in their teeth, as it could be a sign of a bad dental health.

In certain situations, the child may need to be referred to a pediatric dentist for specialist management.

Child’s Teeth
Child’s Teeth

3. Does my child need braces? When can my child start braces?

If your child’s teeth are not well aligned, braces treatment can be beneficial not only aesthetically, but also functionally and biologically. Braces treatment usually starts when your child has most of their adult teeth in the mouth. Visit our braces specialists to find out more!

4. Why is the adult tooth not growing for my child?

In general, the adult teeth will start showing at age 6-7 years old, starting with the lower back tooth (molar). At around ages 7-8 years old, the lower front teeth (incisor) start to show, followed closely by the upper front teeth. By ages 12-13, the full set of adult teeth should be in (excluding the wisdom teeth which usually show at around ages 17-25).

It is normal for some children to be early or late in their dental development. See your dentist to find out when an x-ray should be taken to check on your child’s dental development.

5. My child’s adult tooth is growing but the baby tooth has not dropped.

During the process of adult tooth eruption, the roots of the baby tooth will get broken down and will become increasingly shaky. Be patient! The baby tooth can take up to 1-2 years of the adult tooth showing before it drops. In some cases, it is normal for both the adult and baby tooth to be present at the same area. See your dentist to find out when an extraction is required.

6. How to care for my children’s teeth

Parents play an important role in helping to build good oral hygiene habits from a young age. This includes helping them with brushing the teeth twice daily with sufficiently fluoridated toothpaste (at least 1000ppm) and not to forget, flossing. Diet control is another important aspect of caring for your child’s teeth.

Intake of snacks and drinks high in sugar content (especially those which are sticky in nature) should be controlled. If you find these difficult, try alternative snacks like cheese, fresh fruits and yoghurt. The frequency of intake of sugar is also an important aspect to be controlled, try to combine their intake with mealtimes to reduce the number of times the teeth are subjected to the decay process!

Have any further queries? Visit any of our friendly dentists to find out more!

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