Frequently Asked Questions about Braces

1. When do I use the wax?

You can use the wax when you feel the wire is poking against your mouth. Simply cut a small piece of wax, and paste it on the relevant bracket.

2. When can I start eating normally again?

You can eat normally as long as you feel up to it. In general, there might be some discomfort in the first week or so, but you'll get accustomed to it soon enough!

3. Why does the elastic ligature change colour?

Light colours tend to stain more easily due to intake of food/drinks. Not to worry, it won't affect treatment.

4. Must I change the rubber band after each meal, or can I reuse the rubber band as long as it's in good condition?

You can certainly reuse your rubber bands so long as they are still in good condition.

We will constantly update this page as and when we get more queries!

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